2014/ 2015 NITRO THUNDER 162cm + ACCESSORY SET (Binding M)
2014/ 2015 NITRO THUNDER 162cm + ACCESSORY SET (Binding M)2014/ 2015 NITRO THUNDER 162cm + ACCESSORY SET (Binding M)2014/ 2015 NITRO THUNDER 162cm + ACCESSORY SET (Binding M)sizing-med_mens-binding-sizing

2014/ 2015 NITRO THUNDER 162cm + ACCESSORY SET (Binding M)

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Product Description

Who is it for?

  • Splitboarders as of 65 Kg and upwards
  • Shoe size 40-43
  • All terrain (medium flex)
  • Backcountry touring & Freeride

Details board

  • Length: 162 cm
  • Weight Board without bindings: 162cm = 3368 gr.
  • Waist Width 260 cm (Mid-wide)
  • Effective Edge 1210 mm
  • Radius 12 m

Details Bindings 2017 SPARK ARC black

  • Super light weight
  • Integrated heel risers. Quick snap (no pin/ cable)
  • Metal pucks (easy mounting and more durable than plastic)

Detail 2017 SPARK High Traction Skins by G3

  • Mounting clips front and tail
  • Super grip on all terrain
  • Good glue

What´s included?:

  • Board complete with clips & hooks. Base is factory waxed ready to rock.
  • 2017 SPARK ARC Binding with integrated heel risers
  • 2017 SPARK Touring brackets
  • 2017 SPARK High Traction Skins by G3
  • 2017 SPARK metal Pucks
  • We equip the board with all neccessary items so it is ready to go!
  • We can assemble for freebut only if you ask us in the order notes in the check-out. Write if you are regular (left foot front) or if you are goofy (right foo front). We install and trimm your skins 2 mm free from the edge.

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The Nitro Thunder Splitboard is a splitboard snowboard with a directional board shape, and is built specifically for backcountry snowboarding. A splitboard is a regular snowboard that has been cut lengthwise down the middle. Some additional hardware is mounted to the board to allow the two halves to be separated or put back together at will. This allows the two halves to be split apart into two ski-like pieces so the backcountry snowboarder can use the two halves to ascend a mountain (similar to cross-country skis). Once at the top, the rider can reattach the two halves and shred back down the pristine backcountry powder as a boarder. These snowboards tend to be quite a bit more expensive due to the extra hardware and manufacturing time to build the snowboard.

Camber Camber

This snowboard has a camber profile. A positive camber snowboard, often referred to as a “regular camber” or “traditional camber,” has been the most common camber design for snowboards since the beginning of the snowboarding industry, and until about 2005, was all you could get. When the rider compresses the snowboard with his or her weight, the board provides continuous contact with the snow, allowing for great edgehold and precise turns, making it ideal for groomed runs.

Directional Shape

The Nitro Thunder Splitboard has a directional board shape. A directional snowboard has a setback stance, a longer and slightly wider nose, as well as a stiffer tail to allow for easier turns. A directional snowboard is designed to be more stable at higher speeds. If it has an upturned tail, the snowboard can also be ridden switch, but it won’t perform as well as when ridden in your regular stance. The wider nose and set-back stance help provide float to the board while minimizing leg fatigue when riding through deeper snow.

Spark Alpinist High Traction Splitboard Skins (made by G3)

This High Traction version of our flagship Alpinist fabric offers exceptional traction that’s especially well-suited for splitboard travel. Odds are you’ve been eyeing up those steep backcountry yo-yo lines more often than a flat 10 day traverse, so we’ve made skins to get you to the next peak without the slip ‘n slop.
Our High Traction skins can increase traction by 10-20% on steep, hard pack surfaces, depending on snow conditions. Now you can focus on dropping in, not catching up.


Spark R&D is having their ten year anniversary this year and they are bringing the Arc back for their 2nd tour as part of the celebration. Which is a good call, considering it was the most popular splitboard binding on the market last year. One of the major breakthroughs this company has come up with is the T1, or Tesla system. The T1 system features One Climbing Wire, T1 Heel Rest, Snap Ramps & Side-Lock Touring Brackets, Puck Compatibility, and Ibex Crampons. This streamline system is the future of splitboard technology and you’ll have it all at the tips of your . . . uhhh . . .toes. The Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback featured in this model is 30% lighter than their classic highbacks. It’s also a more flexi version so you don’t feel as restricted in your movement. The baseplates are CNC machined and have as many feasible weight cuts as possible. Spark R&D bindings are designed to work with all puck compatible splitboard models. Plan your next multi-day tour or snow-inspired overnighter with the 2016-2017 T1 Arc bindings.

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