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FIT OCEAN Magic lady 9´9 (up to 75 kg./ Allround)

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Product Description

  • The Lady is a lightweight Allround SUP with design elegance for female riders up to 75 kg. Loading capacity up to 210 Kg. Enough for fun paddling with kids
  • Easy to learn to Stand Up Paddle. Easy tracking in a straight line. Paddle with dry feet because board is 13cm thick.
  • For lakes, waves and rivers thanks to an allround shape.
  • Bonus: possibility to attach a Kayak-seat and go Canoeing.
  • Length: 9´9 (297 cm); Width: 32”(81 cm). Thickness 5‘‘ (12 cm). Volume: 210 Liter. Weight: only 7.5 Kilo !
  • Including double-action pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter), XL Backpack, fins, maintanance-set, manual

More product information

  • Large EVA deckpad, bungee ropes, leash ring, padded transport handle. Robust slide-fin (removable) + 2 fix poly-urethane side fins. Posibility to mount a kayak-seat.
  • Lightweight and stiff, constructed in Heavy Duty Single Layer. Designed in Switzerland.
  • What’s the difference compared to cheaper brands? The FIT OCEAN boards have a thicker skin that makes them more robust and stiffer which increases stability and speed. And the FIT OCEAN’s come with a double action pump and real backpack instead of a folding bag.

Additional Information


Board, Board+ALLOY-Paddle, Board+CARBON-Paddle, Board+DUAL-Paddle+canoe-seat, Board+RACE-CARBON-Paddle